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XENIA URAONOVA  (Russia) - musician,  frame drum artist, instructor, traveler, follower of sound therapy,  yoga of breathing and voice.  She is the founder and host of the 1st Polish school of frame drumming, under the name "TA KI TA".  

The instructor presents authentic and alternative methods for working with rhythm, improvisation, body synchronization, eviction vote, using techniques of Indian rhythmic language.

Xenia is eager to share knowledge about oriental music, percussion instruments and her passion for one of the oldest archetypal instruments in the world.



"During the courses, we get to know other cultures and musical traditions. We focus on the pulsations, breathing.  We experience the liberation of voice, body synchronization and experimenting with rhythms structures. We learn how to create your own rhythmic divisions using traditional techniques with a frame drums."



T A KI TA  FRAME DRUM SCHOOL is an author focused in teaching oriental rhythms and frame drum techniques, based in Germany and Poland. Mainly concerned with the rhythmic traditions from the East, Asia, the Mediterranean region and Northern Africa


About the frame drum: It is a hoop-shaped instrument with a width greater than its depth. It has a simple structure with strong musical potential. We find it in many parts of the world, many traditions and cultures. From Asia throughout north of Russia, Europe, mediterranean region, Africa until native American.  From shamanic trances, rituals and folklore to classic music and modern jazz, from sound-therapy to dance.


Come and explore the rich world of rhythms and unique sound of the frame drum. First timers and regulars are welcome!

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